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About AccountsMentor

AccountsMentor is a training division of Soatech Solution Pvt. Ltd., a leading outsourcing and consulting company in India. Soatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides End- to- End Accounts Outsourcing and Compliance Services to its clients. To deliver the services efficiently, we deploy skilled accountants in our company as well as in our client places. To meet this demand in AccountsMentor we train fresh graduates and make them Job Ready. We make students employable and propel their career to the next levels!

A short story

Twenty-one years ago one fateful afternoon, two young graduated students from the same college met each other. They were much alike in their determinations. Both were better than average students, personable and filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

After 21 years on a reunion day in their college they met again. They were still very much alike in their determinations. Both were living a married life happily with their children. But the only one difference among them was, one of them was working as an Executive in a small department of the company and the other was the working as a Finance Manager in the same company. What made the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what made this difference among them in their positions as I wondered? It is neither because of their intelligence, talent and dedication nor because one person wanted to succeed and the other one did not. But the difference lied on how fast they could implement their theoretical knowledge on their respective job roll. A good TRAINING exactly did that to the other who became Manager.

Need to Bridge the Gap between Education and Employment (EtoE)

Today more than 38000 accounts jobs available open in India. Lakhs of candidates applying but less than 10% applicants are selected. The reason for rejection is lack of job skills required. There is a huge Gap between the Employer expectation and the education.

How AccountsMentor bridges EtoE

We at AccountsMentor, provide a world class Accounting Training in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with Real Time Data (RTD) which will give you all the requisite skills to kick start your career in a desired job roll in the field of Accounts & Finance. The training program is conducted by the experts in the industry. The training program is being pragmatically designed and upgraded by considering the expectations of the Organizations / Corporate companies so that at the end of the training program you become EMPLOYABLE! We ensure the placement of the student trained by us! It creates a value in you and your price tag goes higher to companies. Also it changes your yearlong “Trainee” designation to a “Jr.Accountant” or “Accountant” or “Accounts Executive” designation instantly. Thereon consistent career growth will transform your life BEAUTIFUL!